Did you know that Bhutan is the last surviving Mahayana Buddhist country in the world today?  

However centuries ago, people of Bhutan practiced Bonism which is an animistic religion. It is a form of religion that worships trees, objects and sprits and believes in sacrifice.

Buddhism first came into Bhutan in 7th century when a Tibetan king Singtsan Gyalpo ordered the construction of two Buddhist temples at Bumthang and Paro. Since then, great Buddhist saints continuously came to practice and preach Buddhism. With Zhabdrung’s arrival in 1616 A.D, the roots of Buddhism became much stronger in Bhutan.

More than 75 % of the population practices Buddhism.  The second most prominent religion in Bhutan is ‘Hinduism’ and other religion accounts to less than 1% of the population

While the constitution of the country guarantees the freedom of religion, proselytism on any ground is forbidden.