Trongsa Valley

Trongsa Dzongkhag, situated in the heart of Bhutan was one of the most powerful districts in olden days as it served as the hub of politics and political man in power. Located on steep crease, Trongsa offers you the awestruck views of valleys with deep edges and cuts.

Built on a mountain next to Mangde Chhu, in olden days Trongsa Dzong (1644) functioned as the main office of control and order for the Wangchuck dynasty. According to our old customs, the King of Bhutan first became the Trongsa Penlop after which he is crowned as Crown Prince and then the King of Bhutan.

One of the things you shouldn’t miss in Trongsa is the magnificent Trongsa Museum which has been dedicated to the Wangchuck dynasty, histories and culture of the country. Inaugurated in 2008 the museum is located in Taa Dzong with incredible sights of Trongsa town and the Dzong.