Mongar Valley

Cited as one of the fastest developing districts in Eastern Bhutan, Mongar is bustling with business growth and economic development on its peak. If you are on your travel to Mongar, youwill find yourself on a roller coaster ride with the meandering roads with twists and turns passing through endless cliffs and greeneries.

Above the town, you will find Mongar Dzong rested on a gentle slope with its architecture and beauty evergreen.

One of the most sacred sites known as ‘Aja Ney’ a rock bearing 100 renditions of the sacred syllable “Aa,”is here in Mongar. People all over from country come to visit ‘Aja Nye’ to cleanse their sins, receive blessings and offer their prayers.

The place is famous for lemon grass which is used for essential oil production. Not only this, Mongar has a hydroelectric power plant on the Kurichhu River here. The place is also well-known for the presence of varieties of wild rhododendrons and talented traditional weavers.