Haa Valley

Located, one the western border of the country, one of the most striking valleys is Haa. It is also one of the least populated districts in the country.

Known as ‘The Hidden Land Rice Valley’, Haa opened to visitors in 2004 and is now frequently visited by the tourists. The scenery beauty of the place characterized by meandering Haachhu River and rugged mountainous terrains knows no bounds. During the ancient times, it is believed that Haa was a predominant place for animist practices until the arrival of the Great Buddhist Saint Guru Padmasambhava.

One of the most holy Lhakhangs popularly known as Chhundu Lhakhang which serves as one of several shrines dedicated to the valley’s protecting deity, Ap Chhundu.is located here.

Haa is popular for its festivals that showcase religious ventures of Great Masters and the nomadic way life. Over the years, Haa has also become popular for its food delicacies such as Hoentay (buckwheat dumplings).